Chiropractor in Hurst TX Explains How Walking Does Your Back Good

Chiropractor in Hurst TX Explains
How Walking Does Your Back Good

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Even though are spines were designed for walking, many of us find ourselves walking less and less. Millions of years ago people were gathering and hunting daily and now we find ourselves sitting at a desk for the majority of our day. It gets worse from there as wehead home and plop on the couch or recliner to watch TV for a few hours until we go to bed.

All of this inactivity is creates a big problem for our spinal health in Hurst TX, but it's not just limited to being sedentary! If your job doesn't require a lot of sitting, you may find yourself doing repetitive tasks (lifting, pushing, pulling, twisting, bending, etc.) throughout the day. It doesn't matter which end of the scale you're on, the ending result is the same: low back pain.

Back pain doesn't discriminate. Your kids can be affected by it too! Recent studies have shown that children who spent more time watching TV or at the computer were more likely to report back pain. Children who walked regularly or engaged in moderate exercise reported a lower frequency of back pain.

The benefits of low to moderate exercise holds true for adults as well. Adults who walk regularly report having a better mood, a reduced need for physical therapy, use less pain medication and have less work disability.

Whether or not you suffer from back pain, walking and staying active is one of the best ways to keep you pain free.

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