Chiropractor in Hurst TX Explains Why Stretching May Cause Harm

Chiropractor in Hurst TX Explains
Why Stretching May Cause Harm

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Back pain in Hurst TX is a chronic problem. It can be off and on for years. Most patients report back pain after 'overdoing' it or do something that they don't normally do (sports that we played back in the day or moving furniture).

Most people who suffer from back pain have routine stretches that they perform to either manage back pain or prevent future problems and injuries from occurring. Over the years, you've probably noticed that the same stretches that relieved your back pain previously don't provide the same relief as they used to.

In most cases, stretching is not a good remedy when your back starts hurting. When done correctly, stretching is used to lengthen muscles and tendons. While stretching helps loosen tight muscles, the ligaments that support our bones also get stretched. Over time this results in ligament laxity and allows the bones to move into abnormal positions. When stretching the neck, arms or legs, the nerves that supply those areas become lengthened and can become even more irritated and inflamed.

Most episodes of back pain affect the nerves, ligaments and discs. If you find that your usual stretches don't work as well as they once did or if it makes your pain worse, you may have damaged ligaments. In this case, continued stretching can cause more harm than good. We see these types of cases frequently and are able to identify the affected ligaments, nerves and/or discs with our examination process.

Advanced Chiropractic Methods like Prone Specific are ideal for these types of cases. This technique is gentle and doesn't involve twisting of the spine which can put further stress on the joints and ligaments. After a few weeks of treatment and exercises, the ligaments will gradually shorten and the vertebra will start to hold their normal position for longer periods of time. During this process, our patients are shown specific stretches that focus on lengthening the muscles without causing further damage to the ligaments of the spine.

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