Chiropractor in Hurst TX Explains If You Really Need an X-Ray

Chiropractor in Hurst TX Explains
If You Really Need an X-Ray

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When patients come to our office with lower back pain in Hurst TX, many of them ask if we are going to take an x-ray. Some patients are relieved, while others aren't sure what information can be obtained from the study and if it outweighs the very small risk. The need for X-rays varies from case to case and will depend on the case history and exam findings. Let's take a closer look to see how we use X-rays in our office.

We always start out with an in-depth consultation followed by a thorough examination to evaluate the need for X-rays. X-rays are taken to rule out conditions that would change our recommendations for care. Although rare, this includes ruling out infection, tumor, or fracture that would require a referral to another provider.

You may be wondering why a person with one of these conditions would go to a chiropractor's office. Some of these patients may be in severe pain, while others may have only mild pain. Patients may have some or none of the "red flags" that we always look out for. They may have had a minor trauma, severe trauma, or no trauma at all. Quite simply, these conditions can present the same way as lower back pain that can be helped with Advanced Chiropractic Methods.

This really does happen as I recently saw a patient who had severe back pain and no history of spinal trauma. He was evaluated by an ER and was prescribed medications. After an in-depth consultation, I knew this patient wasn't following a textbook. X-rays taken in my office revealed two spinal fractures! You can read more about that case here.

Once these rare conditions are ruled out, x-rays provide valuable information that will directly influence the care we provide to you. They may identify areas of instability from ligaments being damaged in cases of whiplash or other trauma. Advanced degeneration of the joints and discs can also be identified. This means that some parts of your spine which is designed to move, may be starting to fuse together. Spinal adjustments should not be performed to these areas. Knowing the exact locations that have been affected gives me a road map of areas to avoid and areas that can be worked on safely.

X-rays also provide information about the patient's physical posture. Scoliosis may be identified as well as the reduction or reversal of the normal curves in the neck, mid-back and lower back. Spinal misalignments and areas of compensation can also be detected. This postural information allows me to provide a more specific adjustment, which will shorten the response time and speed up the healing process.

When correlated with the consultation and exam findings, x-rays are an important part of finding out where your pain is coming from. An accurate diagnosis is the first step to recovery and regaining your quality of life.

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