Chiropractor in Hurst TX Explains What Not to Do For Low Back Pain Part 1

Chiropractor in Hurst TX Explains What Not to Do For Low Back Pain Part 1

Chiropractic Hurst TX Back Pain in Red

We often search for what to do about low back pain in Hurst TX, but rarely take a look at what NOT to do.

Ice or Heat in Hurst TX?

Patients often ask, "What's better, ice or heat?" I recommend starting with ice first as it rarely will make your low back pain worse. Ice is great at getting rid of inflammation and swelling resulting in pain relief. Heat increases blood flow to the area which will help sore and tightened muscles relax.  Heat has a tendency to promote inflammation and swelling and can make your pain worse. If you have chronic low back pain (low back pain for more than 3 months) alternating between ice and heat may be preferred. When using this contrast method it is best to start and end with ice as it is anti-inflammatory and offers pain relief.

Ignore Your Low Back Pain

When speaking about low back pain, patients often say "I thought it would go away." While low back pain can get better on its own, it's impossible to know when or if it will. Many of my patients know that if they get an adjustment BEFORE the muscles go into spasm they can stop the progression of their pain before it reaches a disabling level. To reduce the chances of your back pain reaching this level, make an appointment with us immediately when you feel that 'little twinge' or other warning signs that say "…be careful!"

Bed Rest

The days of bed rest for back pain are coming to an end, but knowing when to rest and be active is important. Here are some general guidelines:

  • No more than 24-48 hours of bed rest with little activity
  • The safest activity after or even during the first 48 hours is walking
  • Avoid activities that cause sharp pain (bending, lifting, twisting)
  • Use ice during the initial 48 hours and contrast therapy after 48 hours
  • Follow our treatment plan and exercise instructions - we'll be your guide through this process

Focus on X-ray or MRI Findings

Did you know that about 80% of the population have bulging or herniated discs in our lower backs and do NOT have pain? Similarly, x-rays of the lower back that show arthritis has no correlation to lower back pain. Yup! You can have findings on x-ray or MRI and have no symptoms whatsoever. These obvious findings can be misleading and are often blamed for an episode of low back pain. When these findings are present, patients are often fearful of doing certain activities when they may be just fine or even good for them. In fact, doing nothing is sometimes the WORST thing for certain types of arthritis; leading to more stiffness and pain!


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