Chiropractor in Hurst TX Explains 7 Steps to Better Posture at Work

Chiropractor in Hurst TX Explains 7 Steps
to Better Posture at Work

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Whether you're at the office or working at home, maintaining the right posture can be difficult as you pushed towards your next deadline. Follow these 7 simple steps to better posture in Hurst TX and create a healthier you while working.

1. Align your head. As you work at your computer for what seems like endless hours, your head often becomes hunched over the rest of your body. This is called forward head posture and results when the muscles in the back of your neck become tight.

Solution: Maintain your posture by sitting upright with a lumbar support. Practice keeping your head over your shoulders. This will help retrain the muscles in your neck.

2. Stretch your shoulders. Sitting in a hunched posture at your desk causes your chest muscles to become tighter. This rotates your shoulders inward bringing them closer to your chest and out of proper alignment.

Solution: Stretch your shoulders in all directions to relax the tightened muscles. Also, be sure that your chair supports your weight evenly so you're not leaning toward or away from your workstation.

3. Look up. If you work frequently at a desk, your day most likely involves a lot of repetitive activities. Besides being seated for most of the day, you also have to twist and move your neck to look at documents, talk on the phone and take notes. All of these activities lead to strain and fatigue of the muscles in your neck.

Solution: Keep your monitor centered in front of you to eliminate working with your head turned and reduce neck strain. Use a chair that helps keep your hips in proper alignment under your shoulders. If you find yourself searching for the keys on the keyboard, you may want to consider practicing your typing so you don't have to look down as often. You can find free typing lessons online with a simple Google search.

4. Don't slouch. As mentioned earlier, slouching over your computer and desk all day tightens your chest muscles. It also increases the curve in your mid back (think Hunchback of Notre Dame) and weakness the muscles in your upper back.

Solution: Keep your monitor at eye level or slightly above. Use a chair that promotes good alignment and distributes your weight evenly.

5. Exercise & stretch. When you sit for long periods of time, the muscles in the front of your hips become shortened and tight. This pulls your pelvis and hips into a forward position.

Solution: Exercise and stretch your hips, glutes, and hamstrings. Be sure that your thighs are parallel to the floor when sitting in your chair. Also, make sure your body's weight is being supported by your chair and not your legs.

6. Keep wrists flat. Pain in your wrists can come from many causes. When it comes to your workspace, your posture and design of your work area are the biggest causes.

Solution: Maintain a flat keyboard surface and keep your arms parallel to the floor. Keep your wrists above the keyboard when you type, like you're playing the piano.

7. Sit upright & move your feet. Crossing your legs at your desk or propping them up on your desk leads to poor circulation and distorted posture. When you cross your legs it puts pressure on your hips and your spine.

Solution: Sit upright with your feet on a flat surface such as the floor. You may also use a stable footrest. Be sure to move your feet frequently to increase blood flow. Remember to take regular breaks from your desk to walk and move your body.

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